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A Low Cost Combination for Driver Card and VU Download

The power of digivu has been combined with our card reading technology to give you a low cost yet highly efficient way to download Vehicle Unit and Driver Card data. Purchase a digivu+ kit and you can read and store both Driver Card and Vehicle Unit data on the included digivu. The digivu+ is powered by an independent battery source, which in turn powers the digivu.

digivu will store all of the Driver Card and Vehicle Unit data until you connect it to a PC. When you connect to a PC, all of the data can be automatically downloaded by our proprietary software, digiConnect. The digivu is supported by all the major UK analysis bureau. No additional software setup, beyond the standard digivu setup, is required to support digivu+.

Use with digiblu to download driver cards via Bluetooth to an Android device with our digiDownload app

Key Features

  • Download any EU Driver Card
  • Wire-free mobile solution
  • Automatic card operation
  • LED indicator
  • Robust plastic casing
  • Very long battery life
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