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Correct Use Of The Ferry/Train Mode

Ferry/Train Provisions

Ferry/Train with analogue & G1 tachographs

When operating switch mechanisms:

  • Ferry/Train 'flag' occurs

Non-operating switch mechanisms:

  • No events in tachograph

  • No effect on calculation of driving and resting times in tachograph

Ferry/Train provisions with G2 smart tachograph

'Vehicle motion conflict'

Ferry/Train at short crossings

  • There is no legal obligation to operate Ferry/Train switch mechanisms at short crossings

  • Nevertheless, a vehicle motion conflict occurs

  • DSRC - RTM7: 'VehicleMotionConflict variable if at least one vehicle motion event has been recorded in the VU within the last 10 days'

Advice for Ferry/Train at short crossings

Strong advice to drivers:

  • Operate Ferry/Train switch mechanism also at short crossings

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