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Daily Vehicle Walkaround Checks - Operator Driver Obligations

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

As the owner of a commercial vehicle you are responsible for making sure your vehicle is safe to drive. To keep your vehicle/s safe to drive you need to put in place systems for the regular inspection and maintenance of vehicles; there are two types of inspections which must be undertaken:

Ø Pre-planned preventative maintenance checks

Ø Daily Walkaround checks

What is a daily walkaround check and how is it carried out?

Daily Walkaround Checks are carried out on your vehicle before your journey has started to make sure it is safe. It’s a simple and effective way to spot potentially dangerous issues before vehicles are taken out on the road. The walkaround checks are usually carried out by any persona trained to conduct them such as the driver, owner or mechanic.

As a driver of a commercial vehicle, you may be stopped by the RSA on your journey to carry out checks on your vehicle. You can be stopped from driving until you fix any problems they find, or they may issue you with a fine.

Recording Defects – Driver Obligations

For the daily walkaround check to be effective, you must have a system in place for reporting and recording vehicle defects. As we move into a more technologically advanced era, using paper check sheets has become cumbersome to keep, store and look after. Drivers may not hand in their daily check sheet until the end of the week which may leave some owners with a bulk of problems coming in all at once.

Using the Electronic Walkaround App created by ETS allows fleet managers to stay up-to-date with their entire fleet from the very first daily walkaround check at the beginning of the week, to the very last. Vehicle defects get identified and cleared quicker. When any defect is identified during an inspection using the app, 3 items get recorded:

  1. Description of the defect

  2. Time, date and location of the discovery of the defect

  3. Ability to upload and take photographs to show proof of the defect

The Electronic Walkaround App also means a paperless solution which ensures there is no need to find or build storage capacity. Our Electronic Walkaround App allows each Fleet Manager to design and create a custom checklist for each commercial vehicle, whether a van or HGV. One key element to the app is the ability to set up fleet maintenance and service reminders such as, Tax, Insurance, & Calibration meaning you’ll never miss a deadline limiting all vehicle downtime and saving any potential fines in the future.

The Electronic Walkaround App is the perfect solution for Fleet Managers or Owner Operators to save time, reduce costs and manage their fleet more efficiently in the long run. It’s simple and easy to use. We are running a 30 Day Free Trial Promotion – Click Here To Gain Access

To download the app on your iPhone - Click Here

To download the app on your Android - Click Here

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