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DigiDL Tachograph Remote Download

Download Tachograph data from your vehicles & driver card over WiFI, GPRS, or LAN with a DigiDL Remote Downloader. It completely automates driver card and vehicle unit downloads while supporting Driver Decision Support from Stoneridge DUO, VDO Counter, and Intellic iCounter. This technology allows operators to see the status of each driver in relation to drivers' hours law in real-time!

The DigiDL is approved by all leading tachograph analysis providers so that data can pass directly to your online account for complete automation of the data collection process. Installing into your vehicles is quick and easy, from there you can set up a schedule for the download of both the driver card and vehicle unit.

At Euro Tachograph Solutions we have a range of options; 3G/4G, WiFi and LAN. the 3G/4G offers flexibility as the vehicle can transfer data from any location in Europe subject to SIM contract. The WiFI can be configured for multiple sites and the LAN used with in-vehicle solutions.

The great thing about a remote download solution is you decide on your download schedule and where your data goes with the knowledge that everything is end to end encrypted and GDPR compliant.

What are some of the key features?

  • Download any EU digital tachograph which supports remote download (we can check that for you)

  • Remote authentication of the company card

  • Centralised and scheduled download control

  • All data sent to user nominated server

  • Remote firmware updates

With a remote download solution, you won't have to worry about chasing vehicles/drivers for downloads, you can schedule it to happen whenever and wherever you like.

Download the DigiDL brochure here below to get more information

ETS DigiDL Brochure
Download PDF • 4.40MB

We offer the remote download solution on a no-contract basis, with flexible payment options available on request. For more information contact us on 051 348331 or email

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