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DIGIPOSTPRO - New Generation Tachograph Data Terminal

Tachograph data collected and transmitted from any location

The digipostpro is a reliable and secure, wall-mounted solution. Ideal for any depot, warehouse, or transport office. It takes the data from the driver card and sends it directly to your analysis service provider using either 4G, LAN, or Wi-Fi.

The digipostpro comes with a digivu download key which allows you to download vehicle unit data from a vehicle's tachograph and automatically transmit it to your analysis provider through the digicentral server.

A 'clocking module' can be purchased with the digipostpro or can be added later. This allows the driver and other staff to manage their own clocking in/off and on/off-breaks via the digipostpro. Clocking can be controlled by using driver cards, custom clocking cards or RFID tags. Fingerprints can be used to confirm the identity of the operator.

What are some typical environments for the Digipostpro?

The Digipostpro was specifically designed for depot areas where drivers are briefed or have regular access. Digipostpro 3G can be totally standalone and only needs a power connection. Drivers can have 24/7 access to upload their own data without fuss. For organisations with a large single site or fully networked locations where there is a LAN version of the Digipostpro.

What are some of the features of the Digipostpro?

  1. Secure and cost effective

Using methods such as a PC and card reader to collect tachograph data or emailing, are insecure, expensive to maintain and can introduce viruses. The Digipostpro is reliable and is managed over the air. Already present in over 12,000 depot locations the success of digipostpro speaks for itself.

2. Simple to set up and easy to use

With the Digipostpro you can choose between the 3G (mobile network) or Local Area Network (LAN) versions. The Digipostpro is mounted to the wall using the fixings provided and is simple to configure.

3. DigiVU - Download key included

The Digipostpro comes with its own dedicated download key, the DigiVU. The DigiVU is the fastest download key on the market, simple to use and is highly configurable. This allows you to download vehicle unit data from a vehicle’s tachograph to automatically transmit to your head office or analysis provider through the digicentral server. The Digipostpro also supports the Digifobpro.

4. Driver Card Upload

The digipostpro allows drivers to upload their own data taking their card from the tachograph and inserting it into the digipostpro. It then takes the data and uploads it to digicentral where it will be automatically sent to your analysis provider (we can also take care of this for you, check out our OPTAC3 Tachograph Analysis Software for a free trial)

5. Full EU Driver Laws built in

The display keeps drivers informed of progress throughout the brief upload process and can inform them of any recent drivers' hours infrigements.

Gives straight forward on screen feedback

Drivers uploaded their own data without fuss. Vehicles can be uploaded via the digipostpro at each site also. You can see the informative display below which provides the user with useful feedback on the progress of data uploads. The built in EU Rules engine allows drivers to be informed of Drivers Hours' infringements.

Awaiting Card Insertion

Card Upload Process

EU Rule Infringements

Configuration Menu

You can find out more by downloading our

ETS DigiPostPro Brochure
Download PDF • 7.14MB

or contact us on 051 348331

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