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Steps to get you ready for an RSA Tachograph and Licensing Premise's Inspection

At any point throughout the year, you may be advised of a forthcoming inspection by Transport Officers of the Road Safety Authority. The RSA will usually notify you within an appropriate time frame but, here are our steps to ensure you are best prepared.

The Transport Officers will ask you to produce specific records and information, having these items readily available and on hand will ensure a swift conclusion of the inspection.

  1. A list of full-time drivers employed for the period requested

  2. A list of any part-time drivers employed for the period requested

  3. A list of any agency drivers used for the period requested

  4. Copy of the driving licence for each full-time driver, part-time driver and agency driver employed by you at any time for the period requested

  5. Copies of any P45’s issued in the current year

  6. Operator Licence and Community Licence (if applicable)

  7. List of all registration numbers of vehicles operated for the period requested

  8. Tachograph calibration certificates for each vehicle

  9. Certificates of Ownership for each vehicle

  10. List of any vehicles being used which are on lease

  11. Documentary evidence confirming compliance with Driver CPC requirements (as per Directive 2003/59/EC and SI No. 359 of 2008)

  12. List of main consignors

  13. Tachograph records in respect of all vehicles and drivers for the period requested. If your drivers use analogue tachographs, the charts need to be in chronological order for each of the vehicles for that period that they have requested. As regards drivers who use vehicles fitted with digital tachographs, you should arrange to download each of the vehicles and driver cards onto a memory stick.

Some of the mentioned points above can easily be gathered together, however, point (13) on Tachograph records, is an area that can catch most Employers or Self-Employed workers. Below, we’re going to outline where ETS can fit in to help you if you’ve been advised of an upcoming inspection.

This software will help monitor:

  • Drivers Hours Legislation

  • Working Time Directive

  • Events & Faults of the vehicles

  • Ensuring driver/vehicle downloads are carried out regularly

OPTAC3 Tachograph Analysis Software will also give users the capability of keeping track of Tachograph Calibration records, Driver CPC and, Driver Card + License Expiry.

By law, you are required to download driver cards at least every 28 days and vehicle unit data every 90 days. We suggest doing vehicle downloads monthly to ensure any infringements can be spotted and dealt with quickly. Downloading the vehicle more frequently will give you a more accurate report and it allows you to control the amount of data that you provide to the Road Safety Authority in the case of an inspection.

ETS have many different products and services that can help all types of fleets from small to large in any of these situations. Making downloads easier for Transport Managers and ensuring that any RSA inspection is dealt with swiftly and correctly!

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