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Why is Tachograph Analysis important and how can you make your downloads A LOT easier?

Digital Tachographs took over and become mandatory in trucks first registered on or after 1 May 2006, taking away 25 years of analogue tachographs and paper charts (However, there are still many fleets that still have analogue tachographs). But, what has not changed, however is the need to analyse tachograph data to ensure drivers comply with the EU Drivers Hours rules and not jeopardise their employer’s O-license. Tachograph Analysis is vital in helping fleet managers stay compliant. However, keeping up with this duty and recording the data can be demanding and time consuming. When this is carried out manually it easily takes the fleet managers attention away from running the core business and managing their fleet more efficiently.

So, how do we simplify this?

First things first, downloading the data!

One of the main differences between the two (analogue and digital) is that a digital tachograph will store data in two places:

  1. The tachograph itself

  2. The driver's card

This means there are two download procedures - the law states that operators must download the VU every 90 days and Drivers card every 28 days.

What does the vehicle unit (VU) and driver card record?

It records all the vehicle activity, including technical faults with the tachograph and any periods when the truck was being driven without a driver's card in the correct slot. The driver card records periods of driving and rest. The fleet manager or operator must download the data from both sources; the vehicle unit and the driver's card.

The DigiDL box enables remote downloading of tachograph data, either via GPRS or on a local Wi-Fi network.

What are the benefits of the DigiDL?

  1. Download tachograph data securely from anywhere in the world via GPRS or Wi-Fi

  2. Simple integration with OPTAC3 analysis software

  3. Manage your fleet more efficiently

Once the data is downloaded from both units, the next important step is to analyse it. Tachograph Analysis software helps fleet managers download, store and analyse the tachograph data. The software can analyse data from vehicles and driver cards to ensure regulations have been complied with (so you don't have to).

Trying to deal with downloading this data manually can be time consuming, a lot of effort can be wasted. Tachograph analysis software interprets the data and reduces the risk of fines or penalties, taking the worry and stress away from you. Automating this process gives you more time to focus on what matters most in your business.

Why is Tachograph Analysis important?

Ensuring compliance with tachograph regulations and driver's hours means tachograph analysis needs to provide clear insights and reports. How do we make this easier? A digital tachograph analysis such as OPTAC3 Tachograph Analysis Software can help make interpreting tachograph data much easier as it provides detailed reports about infringements like exceeded driving hours, rest times and insufficient breaks. Our support team at Euro Tachograph Solutions can save you hours of time in manual processing and help you avoid hefty fines.

Digital Tachograph Analysis vs Analogue Tachograph Analysis

Some vehicles throughout the country (mainly older) still use analogue tachographs, where drivers need to manually keep track of their breaks and driving times. one benefit is that driving data can be read directly from the chart and they can easily be scanned for computer analysis. However, keeping the charts secure and safe is a problem as a chart may get scuffed which could result in an incorrect reading.

Digital Tachograph Analysis is more of an advantage due to how precise the tachograph data is when downloaded digitally. A potential driving infringement can be instantly detected by the digital tachograph software. Thanks to the latest encryption the data is secure and can't be changed or deleted by the driver or someone else. Advanced analysis tools (such as OPTAC3 Tachograph Analysis Software) can remotely download and store data to present a clear overview of insights on reporting dashboards.

What is OPTAC3 Analysis Software?

An end-to-end Tachograph Analysis system designed with efficiency in mind, saving your business valuable time and money keeping your working days hassle free.

The aim?

The main aim is to keep your drivers legal and compliant with the Drivers Hours Legislation and Working Time Directive. It automatically checks the tachograph data against legislation and displays summaries and infringements in a clear, easy to understand format.

With 40+ different driver and vehicle reports in 19 languages.

Why choose OPTAC3 and our Tachograph Analysis Team?

  1. Keeping you and your drivers legal

  2. Great features, instant analysis, monthly view, clear infringement description

  3. Easy to use, intuitive interface, ETS support staff on hand

  4. Fast Data Import & Export

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