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Why is Tachograph Analysis important and how can you make your downloads A LOT easier?

Digital Tachographs took over and become mandatory in trucks first registered on or after 1 May 2006, taking away 25 years of analogue tachographs and paper charts (However, there are still many fleets that still have analogue tachographs). But, what has not changed, however is the need to analyse tachograph data to ensure drivers comply with the EU Drivers Hours rules and not jeopardise their employer’s O-license. Tachograph Analysis is vital in helping fleet managers stay compliant. However, keeping up with this duty and recording the data can be demanding and time consuming. When this is carried out manually it easily takes the fleet managers attention away from running the core business and managing their fleet more efficiently.

So, how do we simplify this?

First things first, downloading the data!

One of the main differences between the two (analogue and digital) is that a digital tachograph will store data in two places: