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DigiVU+ - A portable download device

A portable Driver Card and Vehicle Unit download tool, the DigiVU+ is a fast and efficient handheld device that would suit a single-owner operator or smaller fleet.

The power of the digivu has been combined with card reading technology to give you a low-cost yet highly efficient way to download vehicle unit and driver card data. The digivu+ is powered by an independent battery source, which in turn powers the digivu. Collecting your driver card data & vehicle unit data all in one has never been easier. What is better is that DigiVU will store all of the data collected until you connect it to a PC and upload it. When you connect the DigiVU to the PC all of the data can be downloaded by the software known as DigiConnect. The Digivu is supported by the Irish/European/UK analysis bureau. There is no additional set-up, beyond the digivu set-up, required to use the DigiVU+.

Intelligent Filing

The DigiVU manages its own files including archiving and cleaning up partial downloads caused by any power interruptions. As it has its own file system, it cannot be written inadvertently by viruses.

What are the key features?

  • A fast & efficient download tool

  • Downloads vehicle unit and driver card data

  • Customisable settings to optimise performance

  • Intelligent internal file management

  • Helps you to stay legally compliant

Where can you find more information?

Our full list of Tachograph Download Tools is located here on our website.

You can download the DigiVU+ Product brochure by clicking below.

ETS DigiVU+ Brochure
Download PDF • 2.95MB

Get in touch!

T: 051 348 331

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